On this page, the Nolla will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. If the Nolla has more questions, don't hesitate to contact introduktion@ksek.se.

[Applies to Swedish students] Not that much! Even though the best option is usually to pass the exam on the first try, it is common for students to fail exams and there are several periods during the year when you can write re-exams (re-examination periods). One at Easter and one in August before school starts. A re-exam is just like a regular exam, and you can still get all the grades.

[Applies to Swedish Students] CSN, meaning student allowance and student loans, is applied for at www.csn.se. Easiest is to apply for one year at a time. It is recommended that you apply for CSN as soon as you know you'll be attending a program or course, since a lot of people apply for CSN at the end of the summer, and the waiting time for you application to be accepted can be longer than usual. When school starts you have to sign a statement assuring that you are taking the courses/program you applied for. This is easily done in the app. I the app you can also see all planned payments. In order to be granted CSN the next time you apply you have to pass 62,5 % of the credits you have applied for the first year, and 75 % the following years.

At LTH the courses are organized in study periods. There are 4 study periods per year. At the end of each study period there is an exam period. Before the exam period there are a few days without any lectures.

It is very individual how much time you need to study in order to reach the results you want depending on experiences and how much you know from high school. However, it is common that you migh need to put down some extra hours the first year before getting used to university and before you find your optimal way of studying. Engineerings programs are often considered as some of the most intense programs, and usually that might be true. But fear not! You will get lots of support from teachers, exercises, classmates and student life, and there are always lots of fun stuff to do in you spare time!

The study pace is higher at university than at high school, but by most people, the biggest difference with university is that it takes more resposibility and diciplin from you as a student to pass your courses. Most scheduled education is not mandatory, and you need to study outside of scheduled time to be able to pass your courses. However, by most people university is considered more fun and rewarding, and beeing able to take responsibility and plan your time is a part of beeing an engineer.

Test out different techniques and do not be afraid to change your way of studying if you feel it is not completely working out for you. For example, it is common that people do not use the same study technique when studying for a calculus course as for a course with more heavy reading. Everyone has different needs and likes studying in different ways, but for many people is seems to work out well to study together with friends to be able to help each other and discuss the course content. You don't need to have the perfect study technique from the beginning, it is something you learn with time as you see what works for you.

To join the Introduction is completely optional, and there is also no requirement of attending all events of the Introduction. Join the events you think seem fun. However, joining the Introduction is a great way of finding new friends, learn more about student life and how it is to study in Lund. The Mentors will help you a lot and can answer almost any question. Besides, its lots and lots of fun!

Check out these tips on how to find accommodation. If you can't find any, reach out to your mentor and they will happily help you to the best of their extent with finding a generous Guild member with a spare room (or couch).

During the first week of the introduction, you will be introduced to Lund, LTH, and the K-guild. You will get a mentor group with other international students and mentors. Your mentors will guide you during your first time at LTH. During the week there will be activities where you can get to know your new classmates. You will also get a tour of the campus and your mentors will help you with getting a LU-card.

You can find information about what course literature you need for your first courses and where you can buy them here. There will be opportunities for you to get the course literature during the introduction, so you don't have to fix it before the introduction.

No lectures and exercises are compulsory if nothing else is said. However, they will help you understand and pass the course. They are there to help your studies. How much of the scheduled education a student participates in varies between students. Find what works the best for you.