The Creation Myth

For a long time, it has been believed that the world was created spontaneously. 

Time is said to have its course, the laws of nature seem to have been determined at random and the cycle of life is supposed to be governed by impulses.

Of course, none of this is true.

In fact, every stone in the universe, every cell on our planet, every molecule in our bodies has been synthesized to perfection. 

An incomprehensibly developed intelligence has created the basic blocks of the playing field that we today call reality.

Nex Infinitus single-handedly created the other pHøs, who have since catalyzed the assembly of the world's infinitely complex puzzles.

They control everything and everyone - from the path of the sun in the Milky Way, to your innermost thoughts - as if they were playing a frivolous board game.

They are the ones making the sun rise and set, they are the ones making the grass grow and they are the ones making the clock tick.

But even the strongest forces are far from unstoppable, because the truth is that we can break free from their control. 

We can regain our self-determination. 

The game pieces are still scattered, but now the pHøs has an opponent.

Let the Introduction begin.