During the Nolleuppdrag (Nolle-missions), the Nollan will be divided into a mission group together with mission-mentors and mentees from other mentor groups. It is an opportunity for the Nollan to get to know people outside their mentor group by attending mission nights and a pub together with the others in the mission. At the same time, the Nolla gets to represent the K-guild during some of the Introduction’s biggest events in competitions against other Guilds at LTH. Some of the missions are more theatrical, such as Nollebandet (Nolle-band), nollerevyn (Nolle-revue), and Showdown, while others are construction missions. No Nolla wants to miss the chaotic Nolle-weekend and a trip to Helsingborg! When not performing a mission, the Nolla is a part of the Guild and cheer on the missions with the classic K-spirit! One thing all missions have in common is the freedom for creativity to flow where chaos is allowed to take over.

Read below to find out which mission the Nolla finds the most exciting.