Hi there Nollan!

A big and warm welcome to the K-guild and congratulations on your place at either one of our master programs, bachelor programs or as an exchange student!

Here at Lund University, the Faculty of Engineering, and the K-guild, we hope that you will experience the best time of your life, and it all begins with the Introduction period (known as Nollningen or the Novisch period). The title of "Nolla" (Mentee or Novisch, noll is Swedish for zero) is given to those who have not studied at LTH before and refers to the level of experience one has in the LTH culture, namely zero. But fear not. When you arrive at LTH, you will be greeted by the pHøs, your mentors, and other helpful Guild members who will assist and guide you. 

Being new to Lund and/or LTH can feel scary and overwhelming, which is exactly why we organize the Introduction period for you and your future friends. Remember that all the mentors you will meet have been mentees and in your shoes once. At LTH, there is no hazing or anything of that sort. Instead, the focus is on ensuring that you feel comfortable and prepared for what will hopefully be the best years of your life.

The Introduction period is filled with exciting activities such as dinners, company events, pubs, study nights, competitions, and much more. During the first day of the academic reception, you will be contacted by one of your mentors (an older student in the Guild) to receive information about your first period at LTH and the Introduction period. Also, download the app Hitract (by following this guide) and follow @kseknollning on Instagram for updates leading up to, and during, the Introduction period! If you have any questions about starting school, the Introduction period, your first time in Lund, etc., do not hesitate to email introduktion@ksek.se.

This year's theme for the K guild’s Introduction period is "A Chaotic Introduction", so be ready to let loose and show that side of yourself that you might not dare to show at home or at work. Leave behind the mundane everyday life and prepare yourself for an Introduction period filled with adventure and mystery. Prepare yourself for new friends and fun nights. But above all, prepare yourself for an amazing time that you will never forget!

Once again, a warm welcome to LTH and the K-Guild. We are very much looking forward to meeting you.Once again, a warm welcome to LTH and the K guild. We are really looking forward to meeting you.

Best Regards, the pHøs